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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

We had the girls birthday party on Saturday, yesterday I had my regular unit test, tomorrow I have my final, and Thursday I take the national test that determines whether or not I pass this rotation. On top of all of this madness, I have to squeeze in 32 hours at work this week. Just wanted to let everyone know I haven't been abducted by aliens, run away to join the circus, or dropped off the face of the earth...just busy as usual. Thanks to those that have emailed, things really are going great :-)

Here are some pics taken a couple of weeks ago. More to come soon.

Me and my soon to be middle child (Anna took this pic).

Miss Thang

They just look sweet


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The "What the F*CK???" Moment of the Day

Me: People gave me some interesting ideas for telling our folks about the baby.

Ed (excitedly with a hopeful look on his face): Oooooh, do any of these ideas involve monkeys?

Me (clearly puzzled): Um, no...none involved monkeys.

Ed (exasperated) DAMN!

He walked off and left it at that. I have clearly married a man far more bizarre than myself, and folks, I'm pretty damn weird.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nauseated and Constipated and Bitchy, Oh My!

Other than the fact that I constantly feel that I'm going to hurl, I haven't pooped in 4 days, and my mood fluctuates more than Anna Nicole's weight, this pregancy is going pretty damn good.

Ed and I, of course, are excited. I had a feeling I was pregnant before I ever took a test. The first two that I took came out weird (the second line was so faint, I couldn't even tell if I was seeing a line or not). So, I waited a day and took a digital one (which you all know the outcome of).

I went to the kitchen where Ed was, and he started talking about his usual football crap. Just then, a wave nausea hit and I said, "Man, I'm feeling kind of bad right now." As Ed began walking toward the living room, he asked, "Are you going to be alright?" "Yeah, but I really think this first trimester is going to kick my butt."
He took 2 or 3 more steps before it sunk in. He stopped, turned his head around with one eyebrow raised and asked with a grin, "You took a test and got a postive?"

I didn't take a test, I took four. Yes, by golly, I do believe the feller knocked me up again.

We've decided to wait to tell the girls until I'm a litte further along since I've had a miscarrage in the past. I know Anna will be excited by the news, mostly since she's been telling people for over a year now that the reason Mommy has a fat tummy is because there's a baby in it. Now, she'll finally be right!

I know Cassie will be excited as well, but I wonder how she'll react once the baby is here. She's quite a Mommy's girl right now, so I don't know how jealous she will be.

We haven't told my dad and stepmom yet because I'm trying to figure out a really interesting way to do it. The news of being pregnant with Anna wasn't exactly a source of excitement for them since Ed and I were in the process of filing for divorce at the time. When I told them I was pregnant with Cassie, Ed and I were doing great, but I told them by simply asking them if they were ready for another grandchild. Dad was not impressed. He kept telling me that I could have come up with a cooler way of telling them, which I suppose is true. So, this time, I want to jazz it up.

So, my friends, I am asking for your help. Right now, I am creatively challenged and need some ideas for a really fun way to tell my folks about our newest addition.
Help please???

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Monday, September 05, 2005

Getting Better

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch watching CNN coverage of the hurricane aftermath. I called Anna over to me and started telling her about what happened to the people involved in this tragedy. I reminded her of how fortunate she is because there are people out there that have nothing, and no place to go home to.

I can't even put into words how her response made me feel. She said, "Well, I think we need to call the tooth fairy and have her use her magic to make our house really super duper tall so that all those people can come live here and have everything they need." Oh, to be 5 again.

We discussed ways that we can help the survivors, and Anna decided to give up the contents of her piggy bank. I asked Cassie if she wanted to give her money too. Her response was, "No, I want a bite of your yogurt." Anna and I just looked at each other and cracked up. I don't know what I would do without those two.

My next door neighbor told me that they went to the Red Cross and was put on a list of volunteers that would be willing to take in children who were orphaned or separated from their parents during the hurricane. Ed and I have discussed it and will be signing up too. We can't contribute much in the way of money, but we want to do something. My city has taken in many survivors, so I'm sure I will be meeting some of them at the hospital. Many of them came yesterday, and I was so glad to hear that so many were still healthy. At the hospital, we were prepared for the worst, but by the time I finally went home, we hadn't received anyone.

Things are getting much better for me emotionally. Things were just happening one right after another, and my emotions were snowballing out of control. Depression is a bitch, and I was going to blog about what was going on with me, but I feel like there are much worse things going on in the world right now, and my drama is crap compared to the things happening right now.

I'm just glad that I'm pretty much back to feeling like my old self again, and right now, I'm going to take a break from the news, plop my big butt on the couch and watch Bridget Jones' Diary for the 10th time while enjoying a nice glass of wine and this cloudy, rainy weather.