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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Breathing a Huge Sigh of Relief

What has been the longest, hardest, 10 weeks of hell I have ever endured is finally over. I passed Critical Care....barely. If I had answered just one more question wrong on the final, I would be going back in August to repeat the class instead of graduating in May. I had to make a 75 on the final in order to pass the course, and that is exactly what I made.

So far, about 65 people have gone through the Critical Care rotation this school year, and 17 people have to go back in August to repeat it. About 50 more peple will be going through the course before graduation in May, so I'm sure the number of people repeating will be higher.

I'm usually an A/B student, but I've never been so proud of a C in my life.

On Monday I start Maternal/Fetal/Newborn (I don't know why they just don't call the rotation Labor & Delivery). Now this stuff I can relate to!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Evidently I Married a Y-Deficient Man's offical....

We're having ANOTHER girl. Go ahead, laugh it up. That's what all of our friends have done.

Ed and I are over it. We're just glad that she appears to be healthy. Cassie is ecstatic and Anna is livid. When I told her she was having a baby sister, her eyes got huge and watery...and then the hysterics began.

She bawled like I've never seen her bawl before. We're talking full fledged snot, tears, and hyperventilaton. "But I don't want another girl!" Hiccup "I already have a little sister-er-er."

I felt bad for her, but what I really wanted to do was bust out laughing at the theatrics. I so need to get that kid into acting.

22 weeks 5 days

I learned from this pic that it isn't a good idea to forget to turn off the flash when taking a picture in the mirror

What I really wish is that someone would have told me that the third kid would turn me into a house. I have 4 months left and this is about how big I was the day I delivered Cassie.

I'm afraid, very very afraid.