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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rants and Pics

You know what annoys the crap out of me? OK, besides the reunion of Paris and Nicole, the loud ass barking dogs next door, and my kids waking me up before 8 in the morning on my days off.

People who continuously bitch and moan about how much they hate their job, but don't do anything about it. There are several people on the floor I work on who constantly whine about how much they hate being there, how badly they are treated, yada yada yada. Then LEAVE! Seriously, I don't understand why they are still on our particular floor if they hate it so much. A few of the nurses have been smart enough to transfer to another type of unit when they got burned out on neurology. I am so sad to see them go because they are wonderful nurses, and great friends. However, there are a few that choose to stay, and then gripe about it to anyone that will listen.

Spoonleg recently posted about the perks of being a nurse. Yeah, the job gets a little nasty at times and it is very physically and emotionally draining. However, it is also extremely rewarding, and the flexibility of this career is amazing. I can't name too many jobs that allow you to go anywhere in the world, get paid for relocating, name your salary, make your own schedule, etc. Therefore, if you are a nurse who is stuck in a rut and no longer enjoy whatever position you are in, shut the hell up, figure out where you would be happier, and GO! You don't even have to leave the hospital, just change units! Jeez.

That's all I got to say about that.

Kim requested pics of the new 'do and of the kids. Just because I love Kim and because I'm always happy to share the cuteness and pain-in-the-assness of my girls, here ya go.....

This one isn't so much a pain in the ass as she is a minor nuisance at 3 in the morning. I'm so in love with this baby that she almost makes me want another one. Hey, I said almost.

This was taken at Cassie's 4th birthday party on Sept. 23rd. We had it at a build your own bear kind of place. The kids (all girls) got to dress up like fairies, have a tea party, and of course, make their own stuffed animals.
Cassie rates 4 out of 10 on the pain in the ass scale. At 4 years old, she still sucks her fingers so much they are blistered, and there is a bit of concern about her teeth. When the house is quiet, there is always a faint slurp-slurp sound that is like fingernails down a chalkboard to me. Fortunately, besides this and the occasional "I'm going to cry about everything" mood that she gets in, this kid is easy to please. And look, can you get any more cute than this? I think not.

Great. Blogger is being a bitch and I can't get any more pics to post. I'll try again later.


At 1:00 AM, Blogger kim said...

awww, i love you too and thanks for the pictures ;) your girls are absolutely adorable and i'm sure that does make up (a little bit) for having to get up at three in the morning... :) well, i hope blogger will let you upload more pics soon, because we only got to see two thirds of your kids and no do at all...

i agree 150% with you about your bitchy colleagues. it is a tough job but at least in the US you get paid and compensated for it the way you should. which is why over there i could finally go to college and become a nurse like i've wanted to since i was a little girl...

At 10:03 PM, Blogger iBrett said...

Nice pictures, Maria. I still get such a kick out of your new banner every time I visit.

When will we get to see the elusive new 'do?


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