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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Since I last posted I:

1. Attended 7 birthday parties in 2 weeks.

2. Threw 2 of these parties myself.

3. Bought a new oven because the old one caught on fire.

4. Joined the PTA.

5. Learned that if you feed Rachel banana baby food, she will
immediately spit it in your face.

6. Completely pissed off a friend because Anna embarrassed her and I thought it was hilarious.

7. Talked to Anna about why it is inappropriate to yell, "So long, suckas!" to her kindergarten class when said friend picked her up from school for me.

8. Have worked as a nurse for almost 2 months and have managed to not kill any of my patients.

9. Not finished the nursery, even though Rachel is 5 months old now.

10. Have let Cassie skip pre-school almost every Friday, just so we can hang out without Anna trying to hog all of my attention.

11. Rekindled my Gymboree addiction.

12. Got a rockin' haircut.

13. Almost let Ed talk me into dying my hair jet black, but came to my senses and realized that it would only make me look like a wannabe goth chick since my skin is so pasty white.

14. Gained about 10 lbs.

15. Got my ass in gear and went back to the gym before I gained 10 more.

16. Almost died of a heart attack when Ed informed me that if we were wealthy, he would want to have 10 kids.

17. Informed Ed that this baby maker is only good for one more c-section, then reminded him that he was the one who flipped out when I jokingly told him that I might want one more child.

18. Have done much praying about the state of this world and all of the insane crap that is going on from school shootings, to insane dictators (our President included).

19. Killed our beta fish when I put it into shock after cleaning his bowl.

20. Have not killed the fat cat, rabbit, or dog.

21. Have been very busy, but doing things that I want to be doing...can't beat that.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger kim said...

sounds like busy and fun four weeks. i'm glad things are working out for you (except for the oven catching on fire...) and i'd LOVE to see some pics again soon to see how your girls are growing AND your new haircut ;)


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