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Friday, October 27, 2006

To the Bottom Feeding Slimeball That Broke Into Ed's Car

Not that you care, but you completely disgust me. I just don't understand what makes idiots like you think that it is OK to steal from other people. Is it because you are too lazy, or just too stupid to get a real job?

I hope you are enjoying the brand new PSP and Madden '07 game that you swiped from the glove box. Just so you know, my husband, who busts his ass putting in 16-18 hour days at work during football season, just got that for his birthday from his little girls. I wish that you could feel the pain that they felt when they found out that their Daddy's birthday present was stolen from him. Or better yet, feel the fear they do because they are now scared that people will break into our house too.

It's a pity that Ed didn't catch you while you were busting out his window (which by the way, we have to pay for out of pocket). I guarantee you that you would never steal again, unless you are agile enough to do it from a wheelchair. I hope the stuff you stole from him and the 3 other cars on the same street you hit that night brought you enjoyment because karma is one bad mutha. I will continue to sit here totally pissed about the $500 in damage to the car and lost property, however I will also be satisfied in knowing that Bubba is always looking for his next bitch, and when you do land your sorry ass in jail, you just might be it.

Theiving asshole.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is particularly unfortunate given the nature of the articles stolen. I've also experienced theft; it is a terrible feeling and a violation. The thought that kept going through my mind is that some scoundrel gets to enjoy something that I worked hard to acquire for myself. You captured that point in your post so well.

I don't know either what makes these unscrupulous bastards tick. I hope things will be set right quickly.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Susie said...

Oh Maria - that sucks! Sorry to hear it !


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